The Project Delphinium framework draws upon a variety of well established and emerging technologies.


  Building on success


  A framework for hosting gamification components

See the Showcase page for examples of our growing list of components and see the Roadmap page to see where we've been, what we are working on now, and where we are going.


  Extending students' learning environment

Project Delphinium is designed extend modern LMSs using LTI and APIs. Currently the project focuses on adding gamification functionality to the Canvas LMS by Instructure.


  Dramatically accelerating development

Project Delphinium includes a component generator to complete 65% of the coding for a new component with the click of a button! This includes configuring the component to comply with all Delphinium developer guidelines, key interface elements, and database initialization. In addition, OctoberCMS includes tools like Builder and Developer Tools to increase productivity and simplify development.